Creating Space That You Can Enjoy

The conservatories we install offer our Cheam customers a great way of adding space to their property without the need to move. The extensions we install are created with our uPVC windows, uPVC doors and our aluminium windows and doors. This means you can enjoy all of the benefits these double glazing products provide.

Whatever the shape or style of your Cheam home, Wimbledon Windows installs conservatories that will complement the overall fit and shape of the property. The South London homeowner can choose from a selection of different conservatory styles. All the modern conservatory options boast a range of features and benefits, giving you the best fit for your property.

Modern Conservatory Styles to Suit Your Home

Whatever the style and look of your Cheam property, we can provide the best conservatory style that fits. All our conservatories can provide something for every South London homeowner. From our range, you can choose our Victorian, Lean-To, Edwardian, Gable-End, Bespoke and Sustainable Conservatories. Each of these conservatory extension options is created with the finest materials, offering you a space that you can make full use of throughout the year.

Energy Efficient Build

By using the finest uPVC and aluminium windows and doors within the design of our conservatories, you’ll be able to improve the thermal performance of your Cheam home. These extensions can achieve U-values as low as 0.15. The features of the extension include super-insulated columns and internal pelmets, allowing you to retain heat within your South London home year-round. The modern conservatory styles we install will bypass the issues faced with older extensions, and won’t become an unusable icebox in the winter nor a greenhouse in the summer months.

In the cold winters months, our conservatories will be able to retain their heat, and in the summer, help to create a comfortable temperature within your extension that doesn’t feel like a greenhouse. As heat is retained through the conservatory, you can rely less on your central heating to warm the extension. With the energy consumption within your Cheam home lessening, the carbon footprint of the building will shrink.

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Weatherproof Build

Previously, conservatories had a reputation of letting the changeable Cheam weather into your property. Issues such as cold draughts and dampness can create condensation within your property. With the modern conservatory styles we offer, our extensions will not provide the South London with any high maintenance headaches.

The quality double glazing products used within our conservatories will work to keep cold damp and draughts out of your Cheam property. Even in the very worst weather, the South London homeowner won’t have the comfort of the conservatory extension disrupted. In heavy rain, the modern conservatory roofs we use won’t deafen the homeowner. By investing in these quality extensions, you’ll be able to make full use of your space, no matter what the weather outside is doing.

Secure Designs

Unlike old conservatory extensions, the Cheam homeowner won’t have to worry about would-be intruders gaining easy access to their property. In the design of our conservatories, the finest locks are fitted as standard. These locks eliminate any potential weak spots that could be exploited by those looking to gain access. Due to this, you can have complete peace of mind that if you use your conservatory for storage, your possessions and belongings will be secured.

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Suited to Your Home

It’s not just the conservatory style you can choose, with a variety of other customisable features available on our conservatories. Our Cheam customers can choose to incorporate super insulated columns and pelmets into the design. This will give your conservatory the look and feel of a real extension. The double glazing products used within the design can be decorated to suit your home. For South London homeowners after something more traditional, you can incorporate a woodgrain foil which will provide the wood look.

Or for Cheam customers looking to add something that stands out, the frames of our conservatories can be decorated in a bolder colour. The roofs installed on our conservatory extension options can be designed to match your needs. We install a selection of different conservatory roof profiles to ensure we offer the best fit for your South London home.

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Product Guarantee

Like the rest of our double glazing products, our conservatories are built to last. Following the installation at your Cheam home, we will accompany the extension with a 10-year guarantee of quality. If in the unlikely event anything goes wrong with the product within this time, our team will endeavour to fix it. By using the finest products within the design, this is highly unlikely to be an issue.

Conservatory Prices Cheam

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