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Orangeries Ewell

Market Leading Double Glazing for Thermal Efficiency
Large, Solid Brick Columns Allow for Increased Privacy
Constructed From 100% Lead Free, Recyclable Materials
Double Glazing That Offers A+12 Thermal Efficiency
Manufactured in the UK
Combined with Our High Quality Orangery Roofs
Orangery Extension Wimbledon

Orangeries Ewell

Are you considering adding a beautiful orangery to your Ewell property? Wimbledon offers a selection of orangeries unparalleled in their features, ranging from traditional designs to fit a heritage home to more contemporary designs for new builds. Our orangeries offer the airiness of a conservatory that are both private and reliable year-round, making them perfect for a lounge, dining, and play area. To add more privacy in dining and kitchen areas, we provide thinned glass panels. As well as this, you have the opportunity to customise both the interior and exterior of the orangery to perfectly blend in with your Ewell home. Our orangeries are made up of exquisite high ceilings, thick and durable pillars, and cutting-edge thermal technology, making them some of the most reliable and comfortable orangeries on the market. To get an instant tailored estimate, take advantage of our online quote generator today.


Thermally Efficient

Adding an orangery to a property can offer a multi-seasonal living area with features designed to increase comfort and save on energy bills. To achieve this, the walls of the orangery are built with brickwork and high-performance, double-glazed windows that are able to effectively store and trap warm air during the day and prevent a significant amount of heat loss even at night. This results in a cozy environment when the central heating is turned on while also increasing the orangery’s energy efficiency and providing an A+ Windows Energy Rating. Additionally, because of the orangery’s efficient insulation capabilities, the pocket of warm air remains even when the heating is off and the overall temperature can be lowered with ease by simply opening a window or door.

Modern Orangery Wimbledon

Bespoke Orangeries

At Wimbledon Windows, we are dedicated to helping Ewell homeowners achieve their perfect orangery. We source the finest products to ensure maximum longevity and performance, expertly installed by our experienced professionals. Our ergonomic approach minimises disruption to daily life, allowing people to continue their routine without interruption. Furthermore, our cutting-edge design and installation process ensures the orangery will fit perfectly with the traditional setting of your home, whilst adding a modern flare. We are committed to ensuring you are 100% delighted with the end result, no matter what your tastes or budgetary limitations may be.

Conservatory Room Epsom

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Orangeries Reynes Park

Features & Benefits

Conservatory for Sale Wimbledon
Private Extension

Our market-leading orangeries offer the perfect way to expand your home; designed with double glazed windows and solid columns for increased stability, these orangeries bring with them plenteous amounts of natural light, as well as optimal privacy and security. We craft these beautiful additions to any Ewell home with the highest of standards, and the double glazed windows provide extraordinary insulation, allowing for less heating and more comfort. The columns are an essential part of the orangery, providing support for the unit’s weight and maintaining its reliable stability. With an orangery, you can appreciate the natural environment surrounding you, all with the peace of mind in knowing that you are safe and secure.

Conservatory Prices Wimbledon

If you’re in the process of planning to install windows and doors for an orangery, then one of the most important things to consider is the security of the structure. To increase security, our doors and windows come with a robust shootbolt locking system. This system is specifically designed to keep your orangery secure, as it utilises a spring-loaded slide-bolt that firmly and securely locks all the doors and windows. This ensures that the orangery’s valuable items and belongings remain safe and secure. With our shootbolt locking system, you can have peace of mind that your orangery is well-protected.

Orangeries Reynes Park
Bespoke Lantern Roofs

If you are seeking to create a unique look for the roof of your orangery, you should take a look at our stunning lantern roofs. These remarkable structures are perfect for adding a touch of classical beauty and style to your home, while still being lightweight enough to allow sunlight through. Not only will these roofs brighten up your orangery, they will also fill the space with a summery atmosphere that can be enjoyed all year round. By investing in our lantern roofs, you’ll be able to create a truly unforgettable design for your orangery.

Lean-to Conservatory Wimbledon
Glazing Options

To improve the energy efficiency of orangeries, double or triple glazed windows will be installed. This type of glass is designed in a way that it slightly blocks solar heat, while still allowing natural light to enter. It will also keep warm air inside during colder months, resulting in a comfortable and insulated living space without having to use as much energy to heat or cool the room. This will help to reduce energy usage throughout the year and ensure that the orangery remains comfortable while using as little energy as possible.

Contemporary Orangery Wimbledon
Slim Sightlines

The Ewell home will benefit from a greater influx of natural light and improved views due the increased size of its windows and the decrease in their thickness. With more spacious apertures, the house will be flooded with more outside illumination and occupants will be able to enjoy clearer vistas.

Conservatory Room Epsom
Durable Design

Our orangeries are just as durable as any other area of the home, protecting against condensation, external wear, tear, and dangerous temperature cycles. Its robust construction makes it resistant to condensation and deterioration, while also being flexible and able to survive potential flexing and other environmental changes. All this ensures that the orangeries are as durable as any other part of your home.

Orangery Prices Ewell

Are you thinking about adding an orangery to your home? If so, Wimbledon Windows in Ewell offers excellent products, services, and support. Our experienced team is available to answer your questions, so you can receive the guidance you need during your project. Plus, you can use our online quoting system to quickly get a tailored quote for your orangery. We ensure that our process is stress-free and that your orangery is installed without delay.



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