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Orangeries Morden

Market Leading Double Glazing for Thermal Efficiency
Large, Solid Brick Columns Allow for Increased Privacy
Constructed From 100% Lead Free, Recyclable Materials
Double Glazing That Offers A+12 Thermal Efficiency
Manufactured in the UK
Combined with Our High Quality Orangery Roofs
Orangery Extension Wimbledon

Orangeries Morden

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your modern home, consider getting an orangery from Wimbledon! Our classic and modern designs will fit perfectly into any traditional, modern, or outdoor space. An orangery will add a tranquil and private atmosphere to the area, allowing you to relax, dine, or play in peace. We also offer custom options such as decorative elements, thermal features, tall ceilings, and robust pillars to ensure a strong and beautiful final product. Get an instant estimate for your orangery project by visiting our website today.


Thermally Efficient

The installation of an orangery can be a great way to maximize a home’s living space throughout the year. The typical design of an orangery combines sturdy brick walls with double-glazed windows, making it an energy-efficient choice that also helps to retain warmth. Central heating systems can be used to create a pleasant atmosphere inside, and the temperature can be quickly altered on hotter days by opening up a door or window. Moreover, the energy-saving design usually provides an A+ rating from Windows.

Modern Orangery Wimbledon

Bespoke Orangeries

At Wimbledon Windows, we recognize that Morden homeowners need an orangery that fits the look of their homes flawlessly. This is why we guide our clients carefully through every part of the installation process; from selecting top-notch products and scheduling an experienced team for assembly to ensuring that a seamless balance between classic and modern design is created. We want the installation process to be quick, efficient and convenient for our customers, not disrupt their day-to-day lives. Above all, we make sure to craft an orangery that fits our customers’ needs and wants, regardless of their budget.

Conservatory Room Epsom

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Orangeries Reynes Park

Features & Benefits

Conservatory for Sale Wimbledon
Private Extension

Adding an orangery to your Morden property can enhance it in many ways. Expertly designed and crafted with sturdy columns, double glazed windows and other materials for maximum security and light, this bespoke outdoor space is incredibly energy efficient and comfortable. Enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your own home, insular from any kind of weather. An orangery can be the perfect addition to your property.

Conservatory Prices Wimbledon

When considering the security of your orangery, it is important to ensure you choose the right windows and doors. Our products come equipped with shootbolt locking systems, which utilise strong spring-loaded slide-bolts. These slide-bolts create a secure fit against the door or window frame when the lock is securely engaged, offering an extra layer of protection. When you install our windows and doors, you can be certain they will keep your orangery safe from potential intruders.

Orangeries Reynes Park
Bespoke Lantern Roofs

You can add a touch of timelessness and class to your orangery with a lantern roof. This addition will create a bright and airy atmosphere, even when the temperature drops. Your orangery will have an elegant, warm feel and become a place where you and your family can come together and relax.

Lean-to Conservatory Wimbledon
Glazing Options

Installing double or triple glazed windows in orangeries is an effective way to increase energy efficiency. These windows are made up of two or three layers of glass with a special gas already inside them. The gas helps regulate the temperature within the orangery, keeping it warm during the winter and cooler in the warmer months. This means less energy is needed to be used to heat or cool the space. Additionally, natural light can still enter through the glass panels, reducing the energy used to power electric lights. Through the installation of these energy-efficient windows, orangeries are able to become more energy-friendly living spaces.

Contemporary Orangery Wimbledon
Slim Sightlines

This Morden home is receiving a major upgrade with brand new windows that are much larger and updated than the old ones. These state of the art windows will not only provide amazing views from the interior of the home but will also bring in more natural light. This drastic change in the size of the openings will also provide a cheery and open atmosphere in the home. The occupants of this house will be able to experience the beautiful landscape from the comfort of their own home.

Conservatory Room Epsom
Durable Design

Our orangeries are built to last, offering strength and flexibility to protect against various weather conditions. Their airtight construction and insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature and protect against wear and tear, condensation and other damages caused by extreme weather. With long-lasting durability, orangeries are just as resilient as any other home improvement option.

Orangery Prices Morden

For a professional and quality orangery installed onto your home, Wimbledon Windows in Morden are the most reliable and experienced team for the job. Our online quoting system provides customised quotes quickly and efficiently, and the construction, combining, and fitting of the orangery is hassle-free and takes no time to complete with no disruption to your day-to-day life. Expand your home with our help and expertise, and you’ll see why we are the best choice for the job.



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