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Orangeries Stoneleigh

Market Leading Double Glazing for Thermal Efficiency
Large, Solid Brick Columns Allow for Increased Privacy
Constructed From 100% Lead Free, Recyclable Materials
Double Glazing That Offers A+12 Thermal Efficiency
Manufactured in the UK
Combined with Our High Quality Orangery Roofs
Orangery Extension Wimbledon

Orangeries Stoneleigh

Are you considering adding a beautiful orangery to your Stoneleigh home? Wimbledon is the leading provider of classic and contemporary orangeries that are perfect for both traditional and modern homes, as well as all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces. With our orangeries, you and your family can enjoy a tranquil, private environment for relaxing, dining, or playing. To add additional privacy to your kitchen and dining area, select our thinned glass panels. Furthermore, you can customise your orangery with various decorations, thermal features, high ceilings, and robust pillars to ensure you get the highest quality and dependable orangery. Request an instant estimate by utilizing our online quote generator now.


Thermally Efficient

An orangery can be an excellent complement for a home, providing an extra living area to utilize all year long. The walls are built with durable brickwork, while the windows are constructed from top quality, double-glazed components. This makes the orangery very resourceful and able to retain warmth during the day and minimizing heat dissipation at night. Through the central heating system, a comfortable ambiance can be created and the orangery can be classified with an energy efficient A+ rating from Windows. On hot days, the temperature can be managed conveniently by merely opening a window or door.

Modern Orangery Wimbledon

Bespoke Orangeries

At Wimbledon Windows, we understand that Stoneleigh homeowners require the perfect orangery to compliment their home. That is why we guide you through our installation process with meticulous attention to detail. We only use the highest quality products and our experienced professionals ensure they are properly installed. Our process is designed to be ergonomic and non-disruptive, so your daily life isn’t impacted. We ensure that the orangery blends flawlessly into the classic setting of your Stoneleigh home, while also incorporating a modern touch. We make sure to go the extra mile to guarantee that you are completely pleased with the end result, no matter your budget or style.

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Orangeries Reynes Park

Features & Benefits

Conservatory for Sale Wimbledon
Private Extension

Enhancing your Stoneleigh property with an orangery is the perfect way to extend your home. With double glazed windows for optimum natural light, privacy, and security, these bespoke structures are manufactured to the highest standards and boast robust columns for support. Not only are they energy efficient and provide extra comfort, but they also offer you the provision to enjoy the outdoors from the safety of your home.

Conservatory Prices Wimbledon

It is important to ensure the security of your orangery by choosing the appropriate type of windows and doors. Our doors and windows come with a secure shootbolt locking system to offer maximum security. This system utilizes strong, spring-loaded slide-bolts to fasten the doors and windows closely. As a result, you can have confidence knowing that your orangery is firmly secured.

Orangeries Reynes Park
Bespoke Lantern Roofs

If you’re looking to provide your orangery with a unique style, then one of our lantern roofs could be exactly what you need. This wonderful design feature will bring an element of classical charm and elegance to your home, while allowing natural light to pour into the room. As a result, your orangery will have a brighter and more summery look, even during the cooler months. Installing a lantern roof to your orangery will make it a lavish yet inviting area that you’ll love spending time in.

Lean-to Conservatory Wimbledon
Glazing Options

To increase the energy efficiency of orangeries, double or triple glazed windows should be installed. These windows are constructed with special glass panels, designed to trap the solar heat outside and inside the orangery. As a result, the temperature inside will remain warmer in cold months, reducing the need for heating the space. During the warmer months, the glass panels will also allow natural light to pass through, reducing the amount of energy required for artificial lighting. With these windows installed, orangeries become much more energy-friendly living spaces.

Contemporary Orangery Wimbledon
Slim Sightlines

The Stoneleigh home is to be upgraded with new windows that are larger and thinner than the existing ones. Increasing the size of the window openings will let in additional natural light and create beautiful views from inside the home. The windows will also be replaced with much thinner styles, allowing an even brighter atmosphere to build inside. This change should enable the occupants to appreciate the stunning views from the comfort of their own home.

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Durable Design

Our orangeries are known for their exceptional durability. Constructed with strength and flexibility, they are able to withstand all sorts of environmental conditions, including shifts in temperature, wind, rain, and sun. They are designed to resist condensation, wear and tear, and even damage from extreme weather. With their robust construction, our orangeries provide the same longevity as any other home improvement.

Orangery Prices Stoneleigh

If you are considering having an orangery added onto your home, Wimbledon Windows in Stoneleigh is the team to help you do it. Our experienced personnel can give guidance and advice to those who need it and we can provide customised quotes instantly through our online quoting system. There is no need to worry about the process either as we can have the orangery combined and fitted efficiently and with minimal stress in a timely manner.



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