Why Spring Is The Best Time To Replace Your Windows

Why Spring Is The Best Time To Replace Your Windows


As the UK emerges from winter into the warmer months of spring, the new season and drier weather brings with it lots of opportunities for home improvement. Finding the best time to replace your draughty or condensation-covered windows can be tricky, but as the days get longer, spring is a great time of year to consider a window replacement project.

At Wimbledon Windows, we are committed to installing high quality, thermally efficient and stylish double glazing throughout Wimbledon, South West London and Surrey. Our replacement windows are an affordable way to refresh your home, and are available in a variety of styles, including casement windows, sash windows, uPVC windows, and timber windows.


How Long Should Windows Last?


Windows have an average lifespan of 15-20 years. However, the quality of installation, wear and tear, and the quality of frame materials can all affect the lifespan and performance of your windows. Knowing when to replace windows can be tricky, but if you begin to notice warping, condensation, or draughts, these are tell-tale signs that your windows need to be replaced.


Why Springtime Is Best For Window Replacements


Spring is one of the best seasons to replace your windows for many reasons. Longer days and more favourable weather benefits any type of home improvement project. Whether you’re seeking enhanced energy efficiency, heightened curb appeal, or simply longing for a brighter interior space, the spring season offers a great opportunity to replace your windows.


Avoid Installation Delays with Drier Weather


Heavy rain and cold temperatures can affect the behaviour of sealant and create adhesion issues when installing your replacement windows, which is one of the main reasons why replacing your windows in the spring is recommended by most contractors.

Replacing your windows in spring also avoids wet weather from breaching your home during the installation process, providing peace of mind that your carpets and soft furnishings stay dry whilst your double glazing is replaced.


Enhanced Energy Efficiency


Warmer temperatures in spring present an ideal opportunity to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency by installing replacement windows. By investing in replacement windows during spring, you can fortify your home against the impending heat of summer, ultimately reducing your reliance on artificial cooling systems and lowering your energy bills.


Refresh The Look and Feel of Your Home


Replacement windows not only improve the energy efficiency of your home but also serve as a focal point of its aesthetic appeal. With a wide array of styles, colours, and materials to choose from, you can customise your windows to complement the architectural character of your home and reflect your personal taste. From sleek and modern designs to timeless classics, replacement windows offer a versatile canvas for enhancing your home’s kerb appeal and making a lasting impression on visitors and passersby alike.


How Much Should Replacement Windows Cost?


Double glazing replacement prices will vary based on the type of installation and materials you choose. For a free replacement double glazing quote, contact our friendly team today on 020 8543 1444


Can You Just Replace The Glass In Double Glazing?


Replacing just the glass in a window may seem like a cost-effective solution, but it may not always be the best choice. 

One key consideration is energy efficiency; older windows with single-pane glass provide minimal insulation compared to modern double or triple-pane windows. By replacing the entire window unit, you can significantly improve insulation, reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, resulting in lower energy bills and increased comfort. 

Additionally, issues with seals around the glass panes can lead to drafts, moisture infiltration, and reduced energy efficiency. Simply replacing the glass may not address these underlying issues, compromising the window’s performance and longevity. 


Expert Replacement Double Glazing from Wimbledon Windows


Wimbledon Windows is recognised as one of the leading double glazing companies based in the Wimbledon, South West London and Surrey area. 

All our windows are made in the United Kingdom and exclusively constructed from 100% lead free and recyclable materials. For energy efficiency, our replacement double glazing range has up to an A+12 Window Energy Rating. 

If you would like to get a competitive replacement window price quickly and easily, you can use our online quote engine. Alternatively, if you have any queries regarding our replacement double glazed windows, our team is on hand to assist you. You can fill out our online contact form or call us at 02085 431 444. With years of experience in the industry, our team will listen to your project requirements to ensure the best fit for your property.


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