Bi-Fold Doors, London

Our Bi-fold Doors are an innovative, contemporary and beautiful addition to any London home, and uphold the highest standards available in the bi-fold doors market. Featuring the exceptional Liniar uPVC profile, and high security locking systems, our Bi-Fold Doors are guaranteed to cause complete satisfaction.  

­Bi-Fold doors offer London homeowners beautiful panoramic views whilst simultaneously guaranteeing exceptional thermal efficiency, security, durability and design.

Liniar Bi-Fold DoorsLiniar bi-fold doors Lonodn

All of our Bi-Fold Doors utilise the market-leading uPVC profile from Liniar. The only uPVC profile to have been designed in the 21st century, the Liniar profile allows the standard of our Bi-Fold doors to reach unrivalled standards.

Offering many benefits for your London home, our Bi-Fold Doors feature an intelligently designed multi-chambered profile. This contains size optimised chambers that break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air, this will greatly enhance the heat retention of your London property and will ensure that your heating stays in your home for longer periods of time.

To enhanced your London home security, the Liniar profile contains internal structures that greatly increase inherent robustness and rigidity. This not only means your home will have an exceptional resistance to a break-in, it will also mean your bi-fold doors will have a much greater lifespan.

High Security Bi-Fold Doors

To ensure high standards of security, we install high-security, shootbolt locking systems into every door we install, allowing for an exceptional standard of security for all London properties.

When these locks are combined with the strength of the Liniar profile, our Bi-Fold doors become a solid, and reliable way to ensure a peace of mind, and comfort all-round in your London home.

Why Choose Bi-Fold Doors?

Versatile Configuration

We understand that all London homes are as unique as their owners, which is why we offer adaptable configuration options. You can choose from a two-seven panels to ensure that your doors fit perfectly into your London home, and you won’t experience any of the problems that ill-fitted doors can bring.  Bi-fold doors London

Harmonious Performance

All features present in our Bi-Fold doors work effortlessly together to ensure a consistent standard of performance, with no weak links. This means that the combination of the outstanding Liniar uPVC profile and high security, multi-point shootbolt locking systems ensures a bi-fold door that excels across the board, every time.

Beautiful Aesthetic

Attractive by design, these doors are always sleek, stylish and modern. We ensure a minimalist and sophisticated appearance throughout by ensuring that an in-board, mounted stainless steel track is always in place to conceal any hardware. This guarantees that the complex mechanisms installed in our doors does not make them unsightly.

Maximum Accessibility

To bring maximum accessibility to your London property, you can opt to have you doors fitted with an ultra-low threshold. This is exceptionally useful for wheelchair and pushchair users, and the threshold can be fitted as low as 24mm. Still need more accessibility? You can opt for a wheelchair access ramp.

All friends and family are welcome with our Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors Prices

Interested in our Bi-Fold Doors prices? Don’t delay in getting a simple, easy and pressure-free online quote from us today. You’ll be enjoying the benefits of competitive, fair pricing in no time!

If you feel you require more information, you can get in touch with us via our online enquiry form, where a member of our friendly and helpful team will always be on hand to help.

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