Bi-Fold Doors, Fulham

Bi-fold doors exude a beautifully modern approach to door design, and will bring a contemporary element to any and all Fulham homes. In order to ensure the highest standards of quality throughout, here at Wimbledon Windows we utilise the market-leading uPVC profile from Liniar. We guarantee the best, every time.

Bi-fold doors allow Fulham homeowners to enjoy beautiful panoramic views, as well as unbeatable levels of security, thermal efficiency, security, design and durability.  They are the ideal choice for any and all Fulham homes, and will satisfy with their performance across the board.

Superior Bi-Fold DoorsLiniar bi-fold doors Fulham

Our Bi-Fold Doors feature the revolutionary uPVC profile from Liniar, which enables our bi-fold doors to excel in every way, and completely outclass any other standard currently present on the market.

This profile is the only uPVC profile that has been designed in the 21st century, and therefore offers exclusive benefits that are completely unmatched. Not only does the Liniar profile redefine the standard for bi-fold door performance, it also offers intelligent, and innovative solutions to problems that have plagued windows and doors for generations.

To ensure an exceptional level of bi-fold doors thermal efficiency, the Liniar profile contains size-optimised chambers that break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air. Why is this important? This enables your Fulham home to achieve a greater level of heat retention. Simply put, this means that when you put the heating on, the warmth will stay in your home in higher quantities and for longer periods of time. With bi-fold doors from Wimbledon Windows, you’ll enjoy the heating you pay for.

Not only will our bi-fold doors increase home heat retention, they’ll also prove themselves to be a worthwhile investment for your Fulham property. This is ensured by using only the highest quality of uPVC throughout the bi-fold doors profile, which allows for an exceptional standard of inherent strength and durability.

Not only do our bi-fold doors offer a myriad of benefits, they also allow you to enjoy them all chore-free. Featuring a low-maintenance design, you’ll never have the headache of repainting, varnishing or repairing your bi-fold doors, as they won’t lose their integrity over time. Enjoy more, with Wimbledon Windows.

Highly Secure Bi-Fold DoorsYale bi-fold doors London

To ensure a high level of security, internal structures are installed within the uPVC profile to create integrated reinforcement.  These structures greatly enhance internal robustness and rigidity, and allow our bi-fold doors to achieve an exceptional standard of innate security. Our doors will prevent those Fulham troublemakers from gaining unauthorised access into your home, and will keep you, your family and your property safe and sound.

This inherent strength is then combined with the world-class, high security, shootbolt locking systems from Yale. These locks guarantee an unbeatable level of security for your Fulham property, and will guarantee safety all round.

Your Fulham home will be safe and sound with the Yale locking system, which has been approved by Secured by Design (SBD). SBD are a police backed initiative who apply exhaustive and comprehensive tests to products to test their effectiveness against crime prevention. All of our bi-fold doors have SBD approval, and will keep would be intruders out of your Fulham home.

Our doors will give complete peace of mind to all Fulham homeowners, as the Yale locking systems are accompanied with a range of guarantees, including a 10-year mechanical guarantee and a £1,000 security guarantee. This means that your Fulham home will be completely covered for 10 years after the installation of these exceptional locks, and in the unlikely event of a break-in, you can receive up to £1,000 towards your home content insurance.

 Bi-Fold Doors and Their Benefits

Stylish Bi-Fold Doors Aesthetic

We understand that sometimes form is as important as function, which is why we strive to make our bi-fold doors as sleek, beautiful and eye-catching as possible. Aesthetic sophistication is ensured by an in-board, mounted stainless steel track that efficiently hides any complicated and clunky hardware.  This enables your doors to maintain a clean cut look, without compromising on performance or operation.

Our extensive range of colours means you’ll always get the one that perfectly complements your Fulham property. With Wimbledon Windows, you’ll always be a happy customer.Bi-fold doors Fulham

Adaptable Bi-Fold Configuration

Ill-fitted bi-fold doors can be completely detrimental to their function and aesthetic. This is the reason we offer a range of configuration options to suit any and all Fulham homes. To ensure your bi-fold doors fit perfectly into your Fulham property, you can choose from a range of 2-7 panels. This means that all weather seals will be tight and efficient, security will be ensured and the operation of your bi-fold doors will be smooth and easy.

You don’t have to settle for less, with Wimbledon Windows.

Bi-Fold Doors Accessibility

All of our bi-fold doors can be fitted with an ultra-low threshold to allow for maximum accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users. This threshold can be fitted as low as 24mm to ensure effortless, and complete access. You can also install a wheelchair access ramp should you needed the accessibility of your Fulham home to enhanced further.

When fully opened, 90% of the bi-fold aperture folds neatly away to leave a completely unobstructed opening in its wake. This unrestricted opening will really open up a room, and will create a seamless connection to your garden.

All friends and family are welcome, with Wimbledon doors Fulham

Outstanding Bi-Fold Doors Performance

Every feature in our bi-fold door works in complete harmony with each other. The unbeatable Liniar uPVC profile, the world-class Yale locking systems, the exceptional thermal efficiency, the beautiful aesthetic, the effortless operation and maximum accessibility all combine to create a bi-fold door that will completely enhance your Fulham home.

On top of all of this, your Fulham property will also benefit from exceptional panoramic views as the bi-fold door design contains large surface areas of glass, which increased views and enhances natural light allowance. Bring space and light with our bi-fold doors.

Bi-Fold Doors Prices

Interested in our bi-fold door prices? Visit us today and get a free, easy online quote. Our competitive prices will leave you shocked at how much quality you can get for the cost.

Alternatively, you can get in contact with us via our online enquiry form. Here, a member of our friendly team will be on hand with a prompt and informative response to help you with any problems you may have.

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